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With the current economic climate people may be forgiven for thinking getting a mortgage is nearly impossible. This is not the case.

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Home Insurance

Protecting your most valuable asset – your home

Your life revolves around your home. Knowing you’ve a utopia filled with lots of personal memories to retreat to, gives a certain sense of security. When you’ve invested so much in your home, why risk losing it all?

Home and buildings insurance is a relatively cost efficient way to safeguard your personal possessions and domestic haven against any accidents, damage, fire and theft. Without it, who would foot the bill if disaster struck?

Choose insurance products that think smarter

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all home insurance products are the same. But pricing, cover, excesses and optional extras do vary widely.

Only a regular review and direct comparisons will show if you’ve got the right level of cover in place at the best price. We advise annually, but a review is increasingly important when you’ve recently added space or made significant alterations to your property.

You are likely to save money if you’ve got:

· a combined buildings and contents policy;
· security devices, like alarms and window locks;
· a good claims history.

Making the choice easier

Why not reclaim some time for yourself and let us do all the hard work for you. We’ll take your existing home cover and do a comparison, making sure nothing of value has been overlooked. And if we can slash your premiums a little and increase your financial protection to make you feel even safer, then all the better.

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